Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Fun Times At Doggy Nanny's House

 I just love our weekend trips to Doggy Nannys house.  First things first we must always make our rounds in the back yard.  

Once inside we are greeted wif many treats and Poppy usually claims her spot by the front window. 

I empty the food bowl and proceed to do "Lucy things" like roll around on the couch like a fool.  

Look what I found in this blanket.  A half chewed bully stick.  What a lucky find!

After a good chew session I made my way down to Doggy Nanny's lap, got comfy and got some majorly awsome belly rubs and neck scritches!   

After all the excitement I was plum worn out and decided to plop down on the cool hardwood floor.

After while Momma loaded us up and we headed for home.  Seems Poppy was exhaused too after hunting birds and squirrels all day.

Momma made sure to flip her regularly so her hair wouldn't go flat.



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