Thursday, July 12, 2018

Giant Chainsaw Wielding Squirrel!

I was just standing on the porch minding my own business when a loud commotion caught my attention.

There was a huge truck in the parking lot.

And what looked to be a person with a chainsaw but no hooman could do must be a SQUIRREL in HOOMAN clothing!

I must keep an eye on this intruder!  While I watched momma explained that they are not squirrels but real hoomans who work for the electric company who are trimming trees so they do not mess with the electric lines.  We were without power all morning. 

OH MY DOG! Squirrel or not that part looks fun to me!  Wonder if they would let me take a ride?

Would ya ask momma?

Drat!  She wouldn't ask.  Something about not bothering people when they are working and blah blah blah!  Next time I'll ask who could say no to my wee curly self?


1 comment:

  1. Squirrels with chain saws?!?! What's next, bunnies with Uzis?!