Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Poppy's First Shopping Trip

Of course we ended up here....

It's the best place in WF to shop for pupper stuffs!

The part I liked best was I didn't have to try on a thing, you all know how much I dislike clothes!  Poppy was the tryer-oner (thats a word right?) this time, she can do it every time as far I am concerned.  She even seemed to like it.  Furry strange!

She ended up with a winter coat, jam jams, and 3 harnesses.  She is a small in clothes and xs in the harnesses we wear.

Can you believe this trip almost didn't happen?!!?  Yep momma got nervous that shopping wif 2 doggies, especially when one is scared and one is...well...FULL OF LIFE, would be too hard.  However strapped in our body harnesses and hooked to the stroller by the leash coupler it was an easy trip.  I only got tangled twice.  Thats literally like a new record.  Poppy must have a calming effect on me.  hmm...shes younger, you would think she would be more hyper....or is that just a me thing?  Anyhoo be doo!

Shopping and trying on clothes made for a tired Poppy.

Quick sneak peak of her jam jams.

Lucy & Poppy


  1. OMD, how cute!! When we went on MY furst shopping trip, I got a stuffed hoof to chew on. I haven't worn clothes yet...Momma says they're coming!

  2. I say, Poppy is a pawsome shopper!
    Those jam jams look amazing, pawfect choice
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx