Saturday, July 11, 2020

Grooming and Groceries

Where are we going today momma?

To see Miss Pat?!!??!? Really?!?!!??  Oh my dog has it been 6 weeks already?  No way!

Let's Go!

We have arrived.  Margots is still doing curbside.  My favorite!

Call can wait.

Miss Larissa!  Hi how are ya?  Im good!  Im ready fur my spa day!!!!

You can't see it in the photo but my tail was wagging a mile a minute.

Shake off the morning and I am now an only child!!!!!

Fast forward a few hours and Lucy was ready.  Shes wagging so so hard Miss Larissa could barely hold on to her and you can see her ear is straight out to the side.  I was so happy to see her we forgot to get the after pic.

Luckily once we got to the grocery pick up line we had calmed down and here's Lucy's new do!

I feel much cooler!

Ooh is that our order.....I may or maynot have added some extra treats and canned food toppers to the order last night.  BOL

Poppy momma won't let me out of the car to help the grocery runners.  Comfort me!!!!

Settle down....she looks suspicious...I need to keep both eyes on her.

Whew that was a long day of errands.  I fell asleep on Lucy's back during the trip home.  I kind of miss her longer furs....they made a softer pillow.  hmrph.

Lucy and Poppy

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