Thursday, July 30, 2020

Triple Digit Temps

Whew!  Temps are rising her in North Texas most days in the 90's with a few days hitting triple digits.  But that doesn't stop me from seeking out smelly stuff.  

Engage Poppy Roll!

Oh it stinks so good!!!!

Lucy I am still swatching this smell.  Give me space please!

Lucy....I need more space not less!

Fine Ill go sniff over here....wait a minute....

She left.  She just didn't wanna share.  

Fine!  Ill go find my own smelly spot.

Nevermind its too hot.  Ill see if Doggy Nanny has treats!

Hang on Lucy I'm right behind you.

This is much better.  Snoopervising under the ac.

Seems everyone is staying at home.  No rogue squirrels, sheeps or sammys.  

Too hot for efurryone!

After our shift it was time to head home and hibernate in the ac of our apartment.

Lucy and Poppy

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