Sunday, July 19, 2020

Jam Jam Review #NotAd

In my last post I showed the new jam jams I received in da mail.  Here is my try on and official review.

They are made of a soft t-shirt material and feature long sleeves and a tutle-neck for maximum warmth.  First impression is A+ quality and the fit is perfect.  (I ordered from Aliexpress so if you order go by their size guide.  Their measurements are true to fit.  I am a size large in this brand where as in american brands I am usually  a small or sm/med)

Sleep test.....super comfy and had the ability to move freely.  

One minor issue I came across is the legs were ever so slightly wide so my teeny tiny feets just slipped right out.  A quick tuck and stitch from mommas sewing machine resolved the issue.  And now my feets stay where they are supposed to be.  For most any other dog this really wouldn't be an issue I just have really skinny legs, twigs if you will.  After the tuck and stitch there was no loss of comfort-able-ness or stretch-ability.  And unless you are just really looking you can't even see it.  

I think I am ready to take these jam jams out on the town.

And by town I mean over to Doggy Nanny's House.  At Doggy Nanny's house I was able to hop from couch to couch and give her kisses with no restriction. I then found my way to my perch at the big window and was quite warm and comfy.

Onto my patrol.  No squirrels, Sammies, or rogue dogs on my watch.  Please note here the jam jams come down to my bum bum and have elastic so it kind of hugs my tooshie.  No more cold bum bum for me.  

Poppy Jam Jams

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