Saturday, February 27, 2021

Snovid Snuggles

 Sunday into Monday the snow kept falling.  It truly seemed like it wouldn't stop.  On monday the winds died down and I was able to play (picture post coming soon) but between dashes through the snow we could be found snuggling.  

Peep Poppys using my snood as an ear/neck warmer. 

We kept the heat at 63-68 to help conserve as so many Texans were without power.  Including our Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie.  They were able to get to a hotel for one nigh and power was restored soon after.

All too soon our long weekend was over and momma had to return to work.  2 of the 4 days Grandpa and Doggy Nanny took her so she didn't have to drive on the ice.  For which we are super thankful for.  Knowing momma is getting to work and back safely.  I mean with no momma we couldn't get our canned suppers and we would starve! 


Lucy and Poppy

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