Thursday, February 11, 2021

Reunited Post Quarantine

 Once we were finally off quarantine, we knew our first stop would be Doggy Nanny's house!

Ahh!  Outside, leash free and smells a plenty!

Once I was done surveying the yard and checking for squirrels I went right inside to see Aunt Gracie

We made a video loop from the photo momma took.

Shaking off the chilly outdoors....

...what do I hear?

Could it be the treat cabinet?

Yep Bye!

We each then found a comfy place to relax....

...or two...

...or three.  BOL

When Grandpa arrived home wif pizzas Lucy was first to the table.  

Looks delish!

Doggy Nanny had her pizza by the couch and when we all realized we cozied up to her.  She is very generous wif treats!

No momma she didn't give us nothin.  We promise!  BOL BOL BOL 

Then I got first dibs on a back scratch.  Oh I have missed my Doggy Nannys scratches.  They are just different over here.  

When it was time to go home we piled in the car.  (Yes Lucy should be in the back seat in her own carseat but sometimes we sit together now nicely in the front seat)

And boom 5 seconds later we crashed both snoring up a storm.


Lucy N Poppy

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