Monday, February 8, 2021

Quarantine 2021 - Working From Home and Getting Released

 Momma has her work email set up on her phone so she can keep an eye on things.  Most were the normal invoices to be paid, meter change out program flyers, and so forth.  However she got one urgent message to check on a continuing education class for one of her supervisors, Mr J, at work.  She started the process before she left but hadn't got the confirmation and didn't even think of it while on quarantine till he emailed her.  She was delighted at the thought of getting back to normal and checking on work things.  So she got all her registration emails out and got on the phone.  

Momma talked and talked for what seemed like forever but she eventually got everything done and Mr J was registered.  Then she was looking at the calendar and noticed that she hadn't received a call back from her case worker and it was getting to be the 9th day of quarantine.  So she decided it was time to make more calls.  The health department said you have to speak directly with the case worker.  She called the case worker and she said mommas case had been closed and sent to a manager.  She called the manager and she was on the docket for a call.  Well it had been 9 days and none of the other people who claimed they would call back had actually called.  So she didn't have faith in that.  She said she would rather wait on hold while they find her the manager.  Finally she was able to speak with the manager he basically knew nothing of her case.  Which is very sad.  If covid is as bad as they say and they are tracking it so thoroughly why had momma fallen through the cracks like this.  But none the less she told the manager of her case and he asked if she was symptom free for 3 days.  She responded yes.  He said she was released back to work the next day.   This made momma not so much.  We are enjoying canned meals 2x per day and binge watching reality tv wif momma.  But I suppose a mommas gotta make monies to take care of everything and it was fun while it lasted.  


Lucy N Poppy

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