Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Quarantine 2021- Momma Caught the Covid

 Feb 16th Due to close contact with a co-worker momma was exposed to the Covid.  She felt it best to get tested.  She went online and scheduled an appointment with CVS.  Luckily the one right around the corner from us had an opening in 30 minutes.

We followed the signs to the testing lane.

I stayed alert and made sure everything was handled properly. 

Yep thats my mommas name.  All the info you have is correct there.  We ended up having to get a group picture when they requested her drivers licence for verification.  So if you ever wondered what our traveling circus looks like....this is it.  

 Ok we are getting a bagged kit.  

Inside the bag was a biohazard container, test tube with liquid, alcohol wipes, and a swab.  A swab?  Like our dna kits?  Oh momma this won't be so bad a quick mouth swab is easy peasy.  I've done it twice.  

It goes where?  For how long?  Ma'am are you sure you are a nurse and know what you are doing?  As momma did the test she was sneezing, crying and made some horrible coughing noise.  I shed a tear for her.  This is inhumane treatment of our momma!  (Click to bigify the picture to see my actual tear)

Once the test was done she had to put the swab in a weird test tube and had to shake it for 10 seconds.  Then the test tube was put in the a special sealed bag then put in a biohazard bag with her paperwork.  She had to use the alcohol to clean the bag, put the bag in the collection box then clean the collection box.  It truly was an odd process.  

We then went back home to quarantine awaiting the results.  48 hours later we got the email.  Momma tested positive.  

Momma then made the calls to Doggy Nanny, her work supervisor, and coworkers.  Then she made a list of all the appointments she would have to cancel. Whew that was a long list of sad phone calls!  Last but not least we had to come to terms that we would have to miss the scent work trial.  That was hard.  It sure got momma and Lucy down in the dumps.  They had been looking forward to this for many months.  But eventually they came to terms with it and decided "we are happy, we are alive, we can't attend everything we want and there eventually will be another show".  

Next up we will show all the fun we had while quarantined so be sure to check back.

Poppy N Lucy

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