Monday, February 22, 2021

It's Heart Month - Time To Get Tested

Heartworm disease is no joke.  We follow the American Heartworm Society's guidelines of Think 12.  Prevention 12x a year and test every 12 months.  

During the month of February Pets Clinic runs a special so we make sure to get our appointments in early to get tested.  Due to grooming Lucy went on a different day than Gracie and I did but here is how it went.

2-12-2021 First things first I got weighed.  I am up a whole pound from last year.  EEK!  Must be the quarantine weight everyone online is talking about.   

Yes ma'am my name is Poppy just a heartworm test please. 

On this day the head vet tech was teaching new techs proper small dog restraint procedure.  

Then they pulled out the poker and vein squisher!

Why momma why!


Once released back to momma the techs began mixing my bloods with the blue test liquids and putting them in the SNAP test.    

They also grabbed Aunt Gracies blood after her vaccinations and started our tests at the same time.  

Quick exam table photo.

Going to save our results for the big reveal at the end. 

 Lucy got rescheduled for  2-20-21 here is how her appointment went. The queen has arrived.

Oh boy I am so excited to meet furiends.

Pets has decorated the outside....

....and the inside so beautifully!  Its simply bright and cheerful!!!

The lobby is spacious so furry friends have ample room to sit and wait.

We found a place up front.  

Poppy positioned herself to see the door and the comings and goings. 

I tried my best to be a calm good girl.

It didn't last long and I gave momma raspberries and went about me business.

Hi friend, I'm Lucy what is your name?

Ooh triplet friends.  HI FRIENDS, I AM LUCY!

Hello, what are you in for today?

Why are those friends way in the back room....come up here and join us.  I am friendly!

Then all of a sudden a big beautiful Rottweiler came in and Poppy lost her cool.  Sorry momma...I couldn't help it.   She had to sit by momma and....

I took the opportunity to get on the floor....its easier to meet friends this way.

I was subtle at first and stayed down.  

Hello Mr German Shepherd.

Hello Miss Labbie Puppy.

When things settled for a moment I did my signature sploot.

Did you call Lucy?  Thats me!  I ready.  

I couldn't sit still for the vet tech to get a proper reading of my weight.  It kept jumping from 12-20 lbs.

Momma had to step in and remind me of my manners.  Once I settled my official weight was 16.6 which is down .3 ounces since my dental last summer.  Ill take that as a win.  

We were escorted down the hall and put in room 2.....the CAT ROOM!!!!!!

They checked me in and got out the snap test.

One tech held me while the other drew my blood.  It was no biggie, Poppy bites harder than this.  I did manage to give them kisses and tail wags!  Thanks guys you rock!!!

We waited in the lobby for the results.  We chose an out of the way area so some who shall remain nameless....*Cough* POPPY *Cough*...does go into another barking fit.  

Momma can we go to Aunt Gracies house after this?  She lives just down the road.

Oh boy a fun trip to the vet and a visit to Doggy Nanny's house.  Could this day get any better?!!!???

Once we got the results we were taken to the billing room to pay.  

Now for the final results....

Drum Roll Please....

Gracie, Poppy, 

and Lucy...

are all NEGATIVE for heartworms! 

We can't give Pets Clinic a big enough THANK YOU for taking such great care of us!  We appreciate it!

Lucy, Poppy and Gracie

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