Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The End Of Quarantine 2021 - Back To Work

 After momma got released from the health department she got right to prepping for work.  She made sure her clothes were laid out, water bottle filled, and purse was stocked with essentials.  Ive never seen her so happy to get things ready for work.  The next morning the alarm blared furry early at 6 am...momma may or may not have hit the alarm 4 times and finally gotten up at 640 am.  Resulting in us rushing around the house like tailless lizards!  But it did feel good to be back on schedule.  As momma was filling her cup with ice we got on our kitchen bed and awaited our morning treats.

Momma said she was so proud of us for falling in line for a regular work morning.  :)  Here was her view on the way to work.  Simply marvelous!

When momma got home that afternoon we were so excited to see her.  She said she had so much fun being back at work.  We told her of the people walking past our building and the creepy bird in the yard.  


Lucy and Poppy

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  1. It's impawtant to get back to the routine. When Momma started going back to the office instead of working from home, it was a hard adjustment for her. So I made sure I was extra good about my routine. (And it was nice getting back to just sleeping all day instead of having to guard her!)