Friday, February 19, 2021

New Bravery Badge For Aunt Gracie - 2021 Vaccination Day

Tis February and that means one thing.  It vaccination time for our dear Aunt Gracie.  When we arrived Aunt Gracie was all smiles.  

Once we told her what was happening and that it was a "sweater weather" day.....she may or may not have thrown a temper tantrum.  She tried to eat her sweaters so she wouldn't have to get dressed.  

A few moments later she regained her composure and was sweatered and in the Murano Mobile.  

It was so cold I was in my snow suit. Onward to PETS Clinic.

We have arrived.  We finally get to see the brand new non profit Pets Vet Clinic. 

We were in the lobby for aprox 2 minutes before getting called back.  We were put in room 5. 

Their rooms are spacious, well stocked, and covid safe.  They have custom pvc poles and plastic curtains to protect the pet pawrents and vet techs but allow us to see each other.  

Yes I am very nosey.  BOL 

One thing that was really cool is they provide towels on the exam table.  How nice!  No more cold paws on a cold table.  

First things first we had to verify all the vaccinations and tests being performed.  

3-year Rabies, Parvo/Distempter, kennel cough and heartworm test for Gracie.  Thats all correct.  

Why did they say my name.  I don't want pokies!

Oh boy there they go drawing up the vaccines....

...momma I know its not my turn for vaccination pokies but can you hold me?

The techs were so kind and went slow with Aunt Gracie.  Reassuring her every step of the way.

Prepping the syringes.

She will be ok right?

Gracie you GOT this.  Be a Big Brave dog.

I CAN"T LOOK!!!!!!

Last one and you are done!

Come on Poppy help me find a way out of here.

Its my first time here Gracie I don't know how to escape.  

Moments later they showed us to the billing room.  Which is seperated from the exam rooms and from the waiting room.  So pawrents can pay in peace.

I checked out the med closet while momma paid.  

Onward HOME...err...Doggy Nanny's house!

Gracie got a city license, rabies tag... 

...and a year supply of Triheart.  

Thank you Pets for taking such great care of us and offering these budget friendly services to our community.  


                                                                Poppy and Aunt Gracie

Bonus Pic old tags

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  1. Ohhh, having the paying room separate from everything else is nice. Momma has had times when she got bad news about one of our angels or had just put one down, and it was awful having to go out and pay while trying not to break down crying in front of everyone.

    Good on you for being so brave, Gracie!