Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Crazy Wacky Plans - Cancelled, Rescheduled and Finally Complete

 Well life often does not go the way you plan.  Sometimes you have to rearrange and be ok with change.  (this is something our mommas working on).  So we had everything planned out nice and neat.  Friday momma goes to the eye doctor and drops Lucy at Margots for grooming.  Then we would be prepared for a big trip to Pets for Gracies vaccinations and heart worm tests for us.  Well weather happenes.  Momma got the feeling with the weather coming it best to move Gracie  and my appointment to Friday afternoon and Lucy will have to wait till the weather is better due to not wanting to move the grooming appointment.  So here is how that Friday went.  

We woke up to our heater not working.  Momma was worried leaving us at home in freezing temps.  We called maintenance and they had to get a part but it would be fixed soon.  She put out extra blankies out and an extra sweater on me and headed to her appointment.  After a quick check of the snowy weather forcast she just had one of those feelings she should change Gracies appointment so while she waited to be called in she called pets and they had one appointment at 2pm which was perfect. 

Once inside momma had her eyes examined.

She had to read letters through this contraption.

and lastly she fell in love with this pair of matte black glasses.  

Right about 12 she was done and it was perfect timing to stop home and pick me up for grooming. 

My before shot.  9 weeks fuzzy.

Miss Rachel I am heres!

Hi Miss Rachel!  Who is this furiend?  OH fun!  Double puppy pick up.  Hi furiend I is Lucy!

Time to get down to business.

I am feeling sleepy....Could my heartworm test wait?  

So furry sleepy....

...Its not good to take a heartworm test from a sleepy puppy.

Like seriously sleepy puppy!

***We are making a couple posts from this day so at this point we are catch back up with Lucy at the groomer. Check back tomorrow for our Pets Trip***

430 we got the call Miss Lu was done with her spa day.  

She's been de-fluffed!!!

After a long day she was sleepy too.  We were out moments after supper.

The next morning we noticed Lucy's ears were slightly off we contacted Margots and they got her right in to even them out and gave her short little ear bobs (as momma calls them).  We are truly LOVING the shorter ears.  momma doesn't have to worry about her ears in the food and I can bitey her neck easier.  BOL BOL BOL!

Thanks Clarke Eye for taking care of mommas eyes and Margots for de fluffing Lucy.



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