Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Oops! Accident at the Photoshoot

At the photo shoot for my certificate we, or should I say Momma, had a little accident.  She had put me on the rock and asked for a stay.  She then slowly backed up, wasn't watching where she was going and well she fell flat on her tooshie.  She also hit her stool flipping it in the air, dropped my leash but somehow managed not to drop the camera.  This is the photo she got as she was going down.

Her finger was still on the button and got this shot as well once she hit rocks.

I rushed over to make sure she was ok and gave her lotsa kisses.  

Momma told me she was ok.

And said I was the bestest girl ever for not running off.  Thanks!

Ooh bird!

ooh BUG!  This ones still moving!

Well this was fun.  Are done playing on the pebbles now?

From the momma: Well this photo shoot didn't go as planned.  Life rarely does I guess but in the end I was ok thank the lord!  The part that really hurt and still hurts is my knees from getting up off the rocks.  They were very unforgiving.  :(  


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  1. OMD! Your momma is a dedicated photographer to get pictures of her own fall!