Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Helping Bella

 Sunday afternoon we returned home from a fun day at Doggy Nanny's house to find a dog on our porch.  She came running out to meet us.  I gave her sniffs and wags to let her know I was friendly.  Poppy on the other paw was less inviting and barked her fool head off. Mommas hands were full of all so she told the little lady to wait a moment, she would get everything put inside and come back out for her.  Yea that didn't happen she just invited herself inside.  Here is Poppy's reaction.  She was SHOOK!  She then tucked her tail and ran into the living room and planted herself on the couch to pout.  

It took just a few moments for us to get acquainted before the little lady and I started playing. We playbowed all over the kitchen and bounced around like little puppies! 

Momma called her over to attempt to get a picture to post online.  She is furry wiggly!

This one might work. 

But this ones cute too!

Momma can we keeps her?

After playtime she went sploring.

She sniffed every inch of the kitchen including our crates.

Once momma uploaded the pictures to Facebook's lost and found pages we went outside to walk down to the next apartment building. 

 I remembered seeing a black and white shih tzu on the balcony a few months ago.

Then Mr Neighbor appeared with his son.  They had been looking for Bella.  She slipped out of the apartment when their son had went out to play earlier that afternoon.  

Bella it was a pleasure to meet you and hope we can play again soon!



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  1. Phew, I'm glad she made it home okay! I ran into TWO dogs on our walk this morning that Momma and I had to help shoo them back in their own house. Momma says good doggies don't go 'splorin. (No fun!)