Thursday, September 3, 2020

Spotlight Wichita Falls: The Mane Event - Painted Horses

When we moved to Wichita Falls the painted mares were one of the first things we noticed.  They are beautiful and each one unique.   This ones official name is "Texas Star".

The Mane Event began as a project of the Leadership Wichita Falls (LWF) Class of 2007, raising nearly $150,000 for Faith Mission, Patsy’s House and Downtown Wichita Falls Development. Over 50 painted fiberglass horses decorated by local artists are now a part of the Wichita Falls landscape, decorating businesses, parks and facilities throughout the city.

Here are a few of my favorite mares and foals.  This tie dye Mare and Foal named Boomerang located on Kell.  

Boomtown Heritage

Grace the peacock on Midwestern.

Rebirth and Things to Come also on Midwestern.


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  1. So pretty! My town's slogan is "A Place in Your Heart," so instead of horsies we have giant hearts that are painted.