Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Meeting Baby E

 Baby E and her family have arrived.  Once everyone was inside I was allowed off leash and able to give her a quick hello.

Poppy on the other paw was kept leashed.  But she preferred to view from afar.  

Everyone gathered around to say hello to baby E.  I may or may not have jumped on the back of the couch to get a better view of her and may or may not have licked Uncle Marvins head in the process.  (BTW: I totally did)

Doggy Nanny got to hold her first.  Baby E is Doggy Nanny's Great Granddaughter.  

Doggy Nanny can I hold baby E? PAW-lease?!!???!!!??

Once all the humans held her I got my chance to say hello and give her a good sniff.

*Sniff* *sNiFf*

BOL!  Look at those arms go, she must be ticklish.  

Whew I caught a tired running back and forth to people I found an empty spot next to Doggy Nanny.

And she gave me scritches right on the neck!  Ahhh!

Just then Baby E started crying for her bottle.  That threw Poppy for a loop.  

Heckin' Bamboozled!

Baby E it was good to meet you and hope we can play together soon.  


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