Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Getting My Toofers Cleaned

It all began on a Thursday evening.  Momma called me into the kitchen and I was suspicious.  She lured me in with bacon then this happened....

Yep I was drowned like a rat.  Rude....just plain rude!

Then Friday morning things got worse.  I awoke to all the water dishes and kibble dishes gone.  After I went out to do my business I got no num nums.  It was a sad morning.  Momma did say we were going on a bye bye ride.  I hoped that maybe we would get something on the road.  Alas that was not the case. 

Momma leashed me up to go bye byes and told  Poppy she had to stay at home.  What?!?!  Once in the car she told me it was my dental cleaning day. 

A few moments later we arrived at our final destination.

Obligatory photoshoot with the sign. 

Post photoshoot I was feeling loopy and lightheaded from lack of brekkies!

We pulled around the building into the check in spots.  We were in spot 6.

Patiently waiting my turn....

OOh my turn?


When the tech came to pick me up. Momma then pulled out the letter for the staff.  Oh this is so embarrassing.  Why does she have to be THAT owner?!?!!?  Just let me go play wif the vet peoples!

Just as I was about to make it inside momma had one more question....of course she did.  BOL!  She asked the tech if she could take her phone and get a picture of me in the kennel for blogging purposes.  Here is what she got...

I was quite happy wif my accomadations.  I got a furry nice soft blankie to rest upon.  And was serenaded by a kitty.  Thanks to the live photo momma could hear it too.  

Once photo time was over things got a little fuzzy....I know they stole my blood but then I  started getting furry sleepy.....

Here is a dramatic re-enactment of what happened while I was down.  

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the pick up and results!!!!

We also vlogged the process here is that tiktok.


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  1. OMD, she STARVED you and then made you go to the dogtor?! How rude!