Monday, February 11, 2019

Day Care is CLOSED?!?!?!

Doggy Nanny is going in for surgery.  She is getting a hip replacement.  Since Doggy Nanny will be in the hospital for a few days and healing at home for a few weeks. That means Day Care is officially closed until further notice.  Thankfully momma works close by and will be able to let us out and have lunch wif us everyday.  

This morning we pawed her a get well card.

All this alone time gave us a chance to think once Doggy Nanny is released from the hospital and home we are going to practice being therapy dogs and go by for visits n kisses.  Puppy therapy is mandatory when healing.  And I wonder if she will get a cone of shame so she doesn't bother her incision.  We should probably dig out our comfy cones to lend to her.

That way she has them just in case and they are out of our apartment and momma won't be tempted to put them on us.

Yep thats a win win situation right there.

Get Well Soon Doggy Nanny!!!!

Extra Smooches,
Lucy and Poppy


  1. We have our paws crossed for your Doggy Nanny and hope she has a speedy recovery.

  2. Good luck to Doggy Nanny! It's so nice of you to lend her your comfy cone. I'm sure that'll help her lots.

  3. Wishing Nanny's surgeon a very great day. Please give Nanny a kiss from us!