Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Recalls, Lot Numbers and Staying Safe

We recently heard about the Science Diet recall.  For all the affected puppers and their families we send lots of love from Texas!  The only food we are on from Hills Science diet is Dry kibble.  As of right now dry foods are not in the recall but we are keeping a check on Hills website for updates. 
The way to tell if your pets food was in the recall was from the lot numbers listed on the cans.  Now that is a great way to check but if you had already discarded them you were left not knowing and that would be just terrible.  As we paw this post our dry food is sitting in our Vittle Vault and the bag long gone. This got us to thinking.  All of our pawrents have cell phones, just have them snap a quick photo of the lot number before tossing the packaging.  That way you have the info in the event of a recall.  

Going forward though we are going to keep a digital copy of the lot numbers in her phone of our foods, wet and dry.  You never know when a recall will come up.  

We should also mention that if your pup is on a prescription (from a vet), a supplement (GMC/Vitamin/etc from a store other than a vet), a heartworm preventative, or a flea/tick preventative keep these lot  numbers too. Digital or hard copy.  We keep the original packaging in our doggie books since they are "medical" things.  Mommas always been a file keeper of medical things for us pups and her previous pups.  

Stay Safe Puppers!

Lucy and Poppy

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