Monday, February 25, 2019

The Petsmart Academy - Week 5

Check out this weeks outfit I am sporting my baby pink Paris dress.  

We have arrived.

Week 5 had a lot of success and happy tail wags!  We worked on hidden treats which was fun.  I worked wif momma and Lucy worked wif the trainer Rachel.  Miss Rachel kept making it too hard for Lucy so she would abandon her box and go help Salsa.  BOL!  Momma did mine a few different ways.  She would hide a treat under a cup and mix up all the cups and have me find where the treat was.  Then she got 2 cups put a treat in one and held them up for me to pick.  Both were quite fun.  

I did my spin, jump (through a hula hoop), paws up, hup, and bed (with sit) all wif other peoples just a few feet away.  Best of all momma says my "shake" is getting better every day.  I am lifting my paw quicker and as of recently placing it in mommas hand instead of her having to take it.  #practicemakesprogress

After while momma let me be a roaming puppy, its my favorite activity after all.  :) I sniffed out the whole training area, looked in on Cooper (who was in his kennel), sniffed Miss Rachel's shoe when she wasn't looking and took treats from both Miss Rachel and Salsa's momma.  I got lots of praise from momma on that pawt.  

All too soon we noticed the 6 o clock class was lining up and that meant out time was up.  We happen to notice beclaws Lucy had her nose under the training room door trying to say hello.  BOL Silly sis-fur!

My official week 5 photo.

After class we stopped for puppy cones.  


Ok all better

Bonus photo.  Valentines Day was supposed to be week 5 however going to visit Doggy Nanny won out in the vote since she got released from the hospital that day.  But here is what I was planning on wearing and taking as my treat for that night.


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