Friday, June 25, 2021

The Murano Mobile Got HIT!

 On her way home for lunch momma decided to stop and be a responsible person to fill the MM up with gas.  Well that was a mistake.  Just as she was finishing up filling the tank the MM started to shake.  She looked up to see a big SUV had hit the MM.  Momma put up the gas nozzle and hopped in the car.  She tried calling Doggy Nanny to see what to do (wether just get ins info or call the pd) but the other party was approaching her window.  They agreed to call the WFPD and moved the cars out of the way.  While waiting there was another incident involving money for gas being put on a wrong pump and her stealing gas....but that got squared away.  Back to the main event.  

WFPD arrived furry quickly and scanned the vehicles, took statements and exchanged insurance information.  The other party admitted to the damage and was fully insured.  Thank the LORD!  Momma was given an incident report and both parties left.  

Here is the first shot of the damage.  A dent, scratches, and this little hanging plastic thing-ey.  HMPH as if our wasn't dented enough now we have more. 

All in all it was a 42 minute gas stop and she didn't get to come home to see us.  She had just enough time to grab a drink and go right back to work.  She filed a claim with his insurance and they are currently working on getting an estimate on fixing the damage.  

The next day we were asked to take photos of the MM and the damage for the claim.

  Here are the shots we got.  Of course we made an appearance, because who wouldn't want accident footage including adorable puppies.  



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