Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Castaway Cove's Dog Day at the Water Park - CANCELLED

Excitement was buzzing about in our apartment.  A pool pawty for just us pups! 

We set up a facial for me, ordered a sea pony collar for Poppy, and preregistered at the Humane Society.  It was a jam-packed week of prep.

Heres our pre-registration card and the collars we planned on wearing!

Sadly Friday afternoon we got the news that due to rain in the forcast for Saturday morning into the event time (not to mention the 100 feet we got in the week prior) the even was cancelled.

The silver lining was we got to sleep in and listen to the rain hit our window and snuggle!  So all in all not too bad of a morning.  But it would have been fun to splash in the park.  There is always next year!

Lucy & Poppy