Sunday, September 16, 2018

Completing the Kitchen Nook

Since we moved here momma and I (and now Poppy too) have been decorating the apartment.  We want it to look cute.  We added pictures, little signs and trinkets that have a special meaning.  You will remember that a few months ago we found a beautiful black ceramic poodle that matched our theme perfectly.  Well with the addition of little Poppy we needed a matching ceramic puppy for the nook.  We searched high and low on the interwebs for Chinese Crested statues and found nothing.  Then we decided to broaden our search to include a breeds that looks similar to Poppy when in ceramic form.  Bam Chihuahua!  Big ears, big eyes, tiny body, its almost a perfect match!  Unbelievably the little darlings (that matched my current statue) were only for purchase from France.  We researched the seller/artist and found she had top reviews.  We added one black ceramic chihuahua to our cart and a few short weeks later (much quicker than expected) Poppy Jr. arrived in TX.

She wouldn't fit in our mailbox so she dropped off in the parcel locker.

She was expertly packed with care.

She arrived looking perfect!

Here is the official completed kitchen nook.

Lucy & Poppy


  1. Your nook looks perfect. We love the "wiggle butt" sign.

  2. It looks like home!

    Your Pals Who Are Checking In,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Aww, that looks wonderful! We have "dog central" in our kitchen -- a baker's rack that holds my treats and medicines and stuffs, plus pictures of our angels and some cute dog stuff.