Monday, September 3, 2018

Adventures in Dead Batteries

Everything was going ok that fateful Friday.  We got ready for work, leashed up and made out way to the carport to the Murano Mobile.  Then when momma put the key in the lights came but then from under the hood the only noise we heard was clicking.  Oh man....Gracies house is much too far to go in this heat.  Does dis mean no gracie time....woe is me!

Then outta nowhweres it was DOGGY NANNY in da JEEP!  My day was saved.  We got momma to work and shuttled to day care.  Sorry no pics, we was having too much fun on da Doggy Nanny shuttle service!  That evening Gracie AND Grandpa got to shuttle wif us to pick up da momma.  Oh boy all my peeps and pup furiends in one car life was good!  Too bad it was only like a 5 minute ride.

The next morning we got dressed and waited on da porch for Doggy Nanny and Grandpa to come help momma make the murano jump.

While we waited I had to get creative since Poppy wouldn't play wif me.  She was busy bird watching.

It was in the carport so it was a tight squeeze but we did it and the engine started right up.  That meant the battery was dead and that was the least expensive of all the possibilities that were running through mommas head making her worry.  We went to walmart but the queue was far too long. 

So we went to autozone.  Momma popped the hood and headed inside.

I hopped in the car wif grandpa to snoopervise.

All good on your side Poppy puppy?

All good here Lucy!

After the install the car started right up again no jumping required. 

Car repairs are exhausting especially in da heat.

The best part was we got to go to Gracies afterwards for a play date while the hoomans went to eat.  I bet we had more fun! 

Lucy & Poppy