Friday, September 28, 2018

My Very Own I.D. Card

Lookie what I made on the interwebs for momma.  Its a special card like Lucy's wif my basic informations.  Now she can members me when she is at work.  I put some Unicorns by my name.  Just to add a little Poppy-flair!

On the back I put my special requirements and microchip number.

I ordered this from  They can make dog tags, pet id cards and pet passports.  #notspons #justlovethecompany

The card is laminated and feels super nice.  They even have a guarentee on their products if they get scratched, damaged ( hem...lucy), or become unreadable they will replace them.  Thats pawsome!

Use WoofWoof23 to get a discount.  Thanks to Lucy's groomer for putting that on FB.


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