Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Snow Storm Landon

It was predicted that we would get some 5 inches of snow per the weather peoples.

Ill believes it when i sees it.  

In preperation for work the next day momma pulled out Poppys triple layer outfit.  Just in case we lost power while shes away.  

Im prepared....

...but not ready

First we got a lovely shade of ice becuase...texas. 

Then the snow started.  This photo was taken at 930 pm no porch light and no phone flash.  It was this bright out all on its own.  

Snow flurries!!!!!


Snow much fun!

And gypsy got in on the fun too.  

It was a heck of a lot of snow and ice.  Momma had to leave early and ended up getting home late every day due to driving slow.  So we didn't get many photos but it sure was fun.  We never lost power thank the lord!  Momma ended up being on call the weekend after the storm in case people needed help.  She didn't get called in as the storm didn't do as much damage and there were no power outages like with URI in 2021.  


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