Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Sundays in the Park - Working on Recall and Sniffari

 Momma said we have wasted enough time sleeping here recently and with the temps in the 70's and the sun shining it was time to hit the park!  Bud Daniel Park is a sweet out of the way spot down town.  Its never busy so we can work on recall, sniff and see wild life. 

Momma brought us our own treats.  I have chicken Lucy has salmon.  

But first Sniffari.

Recall time.  Im on my way.

Me too!

Treat please.




Venturing out.


I'm hot...we done yet?

Nope...more treats for more recalls.

Distraction in 3...2...1...


Alright time to head to Doggy Nanny's house.

Lets Roll!!!!



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