Saturday, July 29, 2017

PetStrong Dog Treat Pouch - Review by Katie the Momma

Today's review is of the PetStrong Dog Treat Pouch.  I purchased this off of Amazon here.  At the time of this post its showing out of stock but I paid 7.99 and got free shipping via the Amazon Prime Trial.

 I searched the internet for a treat pouch with extra pockets and finally found the perfect one with the PetStrong Pouch.  The main section is large enough to carry a full Bil-Jac bag of treats if needed.  However in my case I carry my camera at the bottom and then a little ziplock stacked on top with the treats to guarantee freshness.  When treat pouch is not in use there is a very nice drawstring with push button locking device.  So nothing will fall out.  The main section is big enough to hold my 6 inch screen Android phone or Kodak z915 camera along with treats with no issues.  The interior of the pouch has a smooth nylon material to make clean out easy if you put treats directly inside this bag (not in a ziplock like I use).

The front has a large elastic pouch I use for a bike horn to "call" Lucy when we are out on the golf cart and she is off leash. It is big enough for a travel items such as a travel size hand sanitizer, clicker or small phone as well.   Behind the elastic pouch is a zippered pocket.  It is big enough for my credit cards/cash (when we go to class and I don't want to bring my wallet/purse).  In the back there is a small zippered pocket for poop bags and a handy little key hole for quick and easy access.  A life saver when your hands are full and accidents happen. *Cough* Lucy the check out lane is not the bathroom *Cough* :)

 One big thing that made this bag perfect is the multitude of ways it can be worn.  It comes with a shoulder strap that attaches on each side of the bag. It can be worn over the shoulder, around the neck (like a camera), or as a cross body.  Each way is very convenient and I have worn it all ways for different reasons.  The little d-rings are also a large enough that when the shoulder strap is attached I have room to caribenier clip our CLIKR when not in use.  On the back there is a belt clip and 2 loops for use with the second strap to make it a traditional waist style treat pouch.

I give this item an A+ rating.  Its so versatile, has met and exceeded my needs/expectations.  I also like that its grey and black, making it very neutral.  It looks like just a small purse/fanny pack rather than a "Dog Treat Pouch". Here is a photo of my bag setup for everyday use.  If Going to class I take the bike horn out as Lucy is leashed.

(The Momma)
#NotAd - This was a purchased item. 


  1. Sounds like a great product, thanks for the review!!

  2. Very cool looking too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. that looks like a very handy treat pouch. We are gonna have mom check it out
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. This sounds very nice! Mom says that anything that carries her camera is a winner with her. Great review!

  5. I wish mom had a treat pouch this size for my treats...she is kinds stingy with them
    Hugs madi your bfff