Thursday, May 31, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement Review

Good Day Furiends!  I have another #ChewyInfluencer review for your viewing pleasure.  If you have been a reader for a little while you know I have some slight knee troubles.  Per my veterinarian it is a good idea to stay on a GCM supplement.  Well my last bottle of GCM chewables was just running out when I got the news that Nutramax Cosequin was on the list to be reviewed.    This is the brand Dr. Wurster recommended that made my tail wag wif joy.

Lets look at the info on the bag:

Cosequin plays an important role in maintaining optimal joint function. Healthy articular (joint) cartilage is crucial to joint utility. Cosequin helps support cartilage production and protect existing cartilage from breakdown. Cosequin is the only glucosamine sulfate supplement that has been shown safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies.
Key Benefits
  • Cosequin maximum strength with MSM contains glucosamine and chondroitin for mobility, cartilage and joint support, as well as omega-3’s for a healthy skin and coat
  • Supports cartilage production and protects existing cartilage from breakdown
  • Use Cosequin to help your pet be healthy to climb stairs, rise, and jump
  • \#1 veterinarian brand for joint support
  • Moist and tasty soft chews that your pup will love

Impawtant information about ingredients.  This is the max strength formula which has:

Glucosamine 600mg; Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 300mg; MSM 400mg; Omega 3's 70mg; For puppers my size a whole treat is recommended daily to start then a whole treat every other for maintenance.

I am excited to dig right in!

Wow!  These look like giant training treats!  You sure dis is medicines?

Size comparison.  They are larger than my training treats but that makes them great mid morning snack size! YES!!!!

*Sniff Test* Oh my that made my tummy go rummbly!


Sorry about that, now it's time for the most impawtant part!  Are you ready fur-kids?



Well this photo just speaks for itself!  Cosequin is lip lickin' good!!!!!

Through out my time testing this product at home I never turned down one down. I eat them on my couch, on my table and even on my new patio bench.

In conclusion I give Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplements a 5 star (*****).  They are quite tasty (especially for a PICKY pups, momma's term not mine.), are not too large for a small breed dog to chew, and so far have continued to help my knees feel better.  Momma likes that it has quality ingredients, is palatable, is a trusted brand by veterinarians and conveniently available on

So if you are needing vitamins, supplements, food or toys, check out and remember they AUTOSHIP for easy ordering.  Plus you get the latest catalog for your pawing pleasure!


*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. We reviewed these a few years ago and have been taking them ever since! They really helped Jakey's hips!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty