Friday, June 1, 2018

Meeting a Facebook Furiend in the Fur - Daily Dose of Douglas

Not long after we moved here momma and I were pawing through facebook and saw a little ad saying "Pages you might like".  We swiped through hit like on a few puppy or pet-related pages.  One can never have too many adorable puppy pics in their FB feed.  Well one of those pages was called "Daily Dose of Douglas".  We followed his posts and one day noticed he lives in my city!!!! oH mY dOg!!!!  When both mommas realized it we made it our mission to have a meet up.  :)  In the mean time the mommas became fb friends and guess what they had mutual friends.  Small world!  Uncle Bobby and his sisters Robin and Missy.  They all grew up on the same street.  It blows my curly little mind!

It took some time but on May 26, 2018 we finally got to meet in da furs!  This is the first time getting to meet an internet pal! I packed the puppy bag with the essentials and a gift for Douglas.  When we arrived we did some sniffing and I checked his patio then we headed indoors to PLAY!

At first I sat close to momma. 

I stayed on the chair while Douglas and I kissed!

Even as I was getting pets from the guests....

We still kissed!

Then we got to play chase!  Momma says we did enough running to complete a marathon.  We did laps around the pool table, through the dinning room and around the couch.  We each took turns tricking the other by jumping on the couch.  Side note, the first time I hit the couch I slid half way across.  Their couch is leather and caught me off guard. BOL!

Through out the day more guests arrived and I greeted each one.  I got a great amount of belly rubs and in return gave lots of kisses!

Two of the guests were Mr. Sam and Ms Stefanie.  They came all the way from Switzerland.  They have a FB doggie to named GIGI! 

She brought toys for Douglas and we had fun playing fetch, keep away and making them squeak.

I  kept a watchful eye to all the food being brought inside.

And as the opportunity arose I got closer and closer to the kitchen.  Douglas' mom was furry generous wif treats and we snacked all day long.  (Side note: see the desk on the right side....Well I kinda used the desk chair as my access point to get on the desk and splore.  Yep I made myself right at home at Casa Douglas)

Douglas and I keeping watch in the kitchen and listening for the rattle of the true chew bag.

Through out the day Douglas and I both took power naps to ensure we had enough energy for more rounds of chase.

After a while I raided the toy box and found a fun pink toy.  I played tug tug wif momm and she made it run.  It had a great squeaker!

All too soon the day was winding down.  The moment I hit the car I was snoozin!

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Douglas, Cindy and Donnie for inviting us over! 

We had a fabulous time!  I can't wait for another play date!



  1. Isn't it wonderful to have meetups? Looks like you had a blast!

    Keep Calm & Kiss Pups!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. This is fabulous post! Thank you for coming out to meet us all. Please come again soon!