Tuesday, June 5, 2018

#LostNDaPhone - More Chronicles From the Dog Park

Back in April I visited the Dog Park and here are the furiends I met:

First a pic with the sign.

Heading for the small dog area.

First there was a pack of rat terriers.  All different ages and all full of fun!

Then I played wif a German Shepherd in the big dog area.

Took a sploot break.

Then I found Big Boy!  He is an 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy.  He was half my age and four times my size.

We sniffed, we played and we ran!

Then this sweet girl was popped over the fence while her momma was playing wif her bigger siblings.  Her name is Chiquita.

I tried to play wif her....

...but she was a mature lady and didn't care for my puppy antics!

See she can't even keep her eyes on me I am so fast!

Then the Shih-Tzu brothers arrived!  One was a mature doggo and stayed wif his daddy but the other was a youngster like me and boy we had a time.

Sploot break.

A moment caught while we werent running.

Then the sun began to set and....

It was time to say good bye.  See you next time furiend!

When I got home I was so tired I had to rest my leg on mommas table.