Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bahama Buck's Puppy Sno Cone

When I posted my first trip to Bahama Buck's, my groomer Faith commented that BB's offers Puppy Sno Cones.  So here we are!

Ill take a plain puppy sno cone and a banana hooman sno cone for momma, please.

We are getting close better get the loyalty card and the cash.

I'm ready!

We got 2 punches for paying in cash.

I've never seen a prettier sight in me wee lil life!  Its shaved ice topped with whipped cream and a bone.  *SLOW BLINK* *Tummy Rumble*

Time to dig in!


Just want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Bahama Buck's for offering such a grand treat for pups during the hot summer days.



  1. OMC! I wonder if we have one near us for Matilda to try.


  2. HOLY COW PATTIES! I have NEVER! (and I mean, I have NEVER) had such a huge treatie in my life! Can I come lives with you??!
    Ruby ♥