Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Guess What Arrived and Where is Training Going From Here?

Look what arrived! I can't wait for me spa day so I can do pictures.

Momma and I have discussed where training is going from here.  We decided to keep working on manners and integrate some basics (muzzle, re-view tricks and chain some together).  Nothing formal right now just stuff to keep us busy.  With my knee issues and recent sprain we have decided that the next ventures we will embark on (in the future like 2019-ish) will be the CGC and Scent Work.  However I have a lot to work on with my greetings.  We had been slacking a bit especially since we have had so many play dates here recently.  Momma's just let me have some fun.  :)



  1. Nothing wrong with just having fun! Titles are all well and good, but it's a dog's life -- enjoy it!