Monday, June 4, 2018

#LostNDaPhone - Our First TX Tornado Watch

 A warm sunny May day that turned into a scary evening.  Here is a little throw back to our first TX Tornado Watch.

I set up shop on the couch to keep an eye to the sky.

Well before the skies turned grey the radar was a rainbow of yellows, reds and greens!  With cute little lightening bolts everywhere.

Once we took off the watches and warnings you can see the storm system headed our way.  We live under the blue dot in the center.

Here is our local news live cast from right down the road from mommas work.  SPOOKY!

Then the rain hit our house.

Rain poured, thunder rolled and lightning bolts filled the sky.

Momma attempted to get a picture of me in the rain, I protested and this was the best shot.  I wasn't about to risk getting wet!

Our porch was drenched and the sidewalk was a river.

Pictures don't do it justice it was a magical rain fall to see in the furs.

Thankfully no tornados hit in the WF area and we were all safe.  But it was just a bit scary hearing all the warnings seeing the live footage of the clouds near us.



  1. Glad you were so smart to not go outside and keep you & your momma safe!

  2. Now that you're a Texan, you need to have your tornado shelter in place! Make sure you have an interior room with no windows (like a bathroom or a closet) with room for you AND your momma to go inside. Keep a little weather radio and some treats in there.

  3. I am so relieve you are okay, stay safe sweet Lucy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Didja hafta go sit in da bathroom? Dat's what we has to do.

    And welcome to Tornado Alley.