Friday, June 8, 2018

Ended Up at the Vet on Momma's Day Off

Days off should be for golf carting, not vet visits.  It began Tuesday May 29th.  We had the maintenance man coming to fix our light and internet.  We had a power outage that knocked both out.  Scary stuffs!  After the maintenance man left momma and I were doing tricks and tossing the toys around the apartment when it happened.  I laid down to let momma know I was ready to fetch and I screamed.  Something hurt furry badly.  I ran to momma to be held.  I wasn't limping so momma thought maybe I stepped wrong or something on the floor poked me.  Later that morning I went to daycare and was fine till what ever hurt earlier hurt again.  I cried and got in doggy nanny's lap and laid down for the afternoon.  When we got home momma put me down on the ground turned back to get her work bag and I was just standing there and it happened again.  I cried.  When we got inside I was just following momma around and it happened two more times.  Momma scooped me up and gave me a liquid medicine sneak attack.  Not cool momma, not cool!  But it did make what ever was hurting go away for the night.

The next morning, mommas day off, I woke up fine, followed momma around  and acted normal.  Then I went outside to do my business and I screamed louder than ever before.  Momma got scared and decided we would be visiting the vet to see what was wrong.  Thats what led us here...

In the waiting room I acted fine so fine that when anyone would approach I immediate flopped on my back and tinkled per my usual routine.  Momma was puzzled!  The nurse called me back and in the exam room I weighed 12.2 same as last time.  The nurse asked what brought me in today.  Momma explained what happened the last 24 hours and her concerns wif my knees.  After she wrote everything down she ask momma to unclip my leash so she could see how I was walking.  Of couse nothing was hurting at this moment so I walked fine.  She reached down to pick me up and I tinkled again.  Oops.  She said the dogtor would be in soon for the exam. Quick exam table selfie!

Oh I think I hear him.

no? wait...hmmm...

There are no pokes today right?!?!?!

While we waited I got to looking around the room and noticed a bottle of cheese.  I wonder what you have to do to get veterinary cheese?!?!?  I can do just about any trick!

Then Dr. Wurster joined us in the exam room.  He examined my legs, checked my back and looked me over.  He said it must have been a sprained muscle that caused me cry.  He released me with pain meds and sent me home for rest.  The nurse added try and keep her calm and quite....yea she laughed as she said it too. she trying to say I am a little rambunctious?  She's right I don't deny!

We paid and headed for home.  Quick pose with my meds!  CHEESE!

Let's pack them up and get home.  It's hot out here!

Hurry momma, I'm melting!

Since that morning just before my vet visit I haven't had cried again in pain.  So glad these meds have made that mean hurt go away.  I still have a fear of peeing in the back yard, so now we have to go out front.  Better safe than sorry.


Side Note From Momma: Knowing her past history with pills I was thrilled it not a chewable.  When we got home I let her sniff the pill bottle and a pill to show her that nothing bad would happen when she smelled this particular scent.   I used a pill crusher to grind the pill, then sprinkled it in a serving of canned food and she was none the wiser.  Keeping notes in this blog about what works and doesn't work has been interesting to look back on so I thought I would throw this in.  :)


  1. Oh poor you sounds like you had a nasty ouchie there. I am glad to hear you are on the mend though. Take care and get well soon sweetie
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Momma - good way to keep an accurate log of what works!