Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Lizard-ing Hour

Every night I look for lizards when we leave Doggy Nanny's house.  Seems that 10 o' clock is the lizard-ing hour.  Almost every night there is Martin next to the door. Lately though there has been a little pink tailed lizard hanging out on the porch along side him.  Momma kept forgetting her phone, its so hard to find good help these days, and we haven't gotten a pic of them together.  But then the night she did remember the phone there was an amazing sight!  It was FOUR lizards on the porch.  We got three of them in one shot.  Here is the FB edited photo wif labels.

The other was all by him/herself at the other end of the porch and we couldn't get a shot.  When he/she saw the flash go off they took off a the speed of lizard.

*Lizard Hunter*
*By "Hunter" I mean hunter with da camera in hopes of giving kisses!  :)

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