Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer SNO!

Momma and I have been craving sno since we have had tempuratures in the 80's-90's near 100's here in North Texas.  We have been searching the area when we are out for the little pop up stands but haven't seen one yet.  Then out of nowhere there was a stand but it wasn't open.  :( But we hoped it would open soon.  So on the way home we passed a place called Bahama Buck's.  We have passed this several times never thought twice about it but this day momma decided to look them up and just see what they sell.  And guess what?!?!!?!  THEY SELL SHAVED ICE SNO along with like a hundred other fun cold treats!

They opened up later that afternoon and we stopped in for a treat.  The list was a mile long of flavors for sno.  Momma had a hard time choosing.

First she wanted banana but at the last minute changed to Tutti Frutti.

We paid the man, got our loyalty card (receiving 2 punches for paying cash) and our tutti frutti was ready.

Bahama Buck's has the softest shaved ice we have ever eaten.  Its truly amazing.  My groomer saw the post momma made and alerted us that they even offer PUPPY CONES!  Momma said next time I can has my own.  Oh boy!!!! I can't wait to hit the drive through again!


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