Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hunting Pesky Squirrels Makes Me Sleepy!

When I did my photo shoot at the mail box I had a run in wif a squirrel.  |As we were packing up a squirrel jumped on top of the bank of mail boxes and stared us down.  Momma froze for a moment.  Then she shewed him away.  I asked her why she didn't get a picture of the pesky little rat and she said our safety is more important.  Momma I have a blog to maintain!  Photos before safety next time!  BOL!  Anyhoo, Once I was leashed back up I tried to track him down.

  Yep he's up there.  But far too high for me to climb! You got away with it this time but Ill be waiting.

After the excitement I had to go take a nap.


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