Friday, June 15, 2018

Crouching Poodle, Hidden Pill

(Back story:
The old HWP (interceptor plus) Lucy was on was a rather large "chewable" tablet.  She was not fond of the taste so she refused to eat it alone.  This led me to have to just pill her and she found this "unfun"and would then be weary of taking anything from me.  She took it as far as giving me the silent treatment for 2 weeks last August.  Now that the scent of that medication was associated with "unfun" I couldn't even hide it in other treats or food.  Since then I have been trying different ways to make it less stressful and switching to a new medication whos scent hasn't been associated with anything "unfun" and small in size (at first I was hiding it in treats with great success) life is easier and less stressful on the both of us!)

Hello Readers,
Since I had such success with her anti-inflammatory meds, this month I thought I would try the pill crusher method to administer Lucy's heartworm preventative.  In the past I had run into problems of her unwrapping benadryl (spring time allergies) in a treat so I wanted to prevent that from becoming an issue with her HWP and find a fail proof administration method.



Licking the spoon

Ready for the main course

My victim...I mean sweet adorable daring Lucy was none the wiser and promptly took her medicine.

Licked the bowl clean.  So clean it could be put back in the pantry. (Disclaimer it wasn't)


*The Momma*

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