Thursday, June 7, 2018

Leaving Texas.....

...To visit family in Oklahoma.  This adventure took us to Piedmont OK to visit Uncle Bobby and his family.  Oh boy.  So we loaded up in Doggy Nanny's jeep and set out for the border.

Not long after we left Doggy Nanny's drive way I became.... I was....well...whiny....momma's term not mine.  I wanted to sit wif Doggy Nanny.  Momma kept saying "that's enough' and "no". But I don't think she really commited to the "no".  And I asked her 5.2 billion more times.

After about 2.6 billion whines she threatened  every 10 miles to crate me on the next trip.  That was not cute momma, not cute at all!

 To make the trip go by faster momma brought us BRAND NEW CET CHEWS!  Unfortunately they did no good. I took matters into my own paws hopped in the floor board to find my other chew chew that I wanted.

After a about 14.5 doggie hours we arrived at Uncle Bobbys house.  We leashed up and headed inside.

 Silly momma thought I needed to be leashed.  Sheesh! However I made my self right at home.

The first furry resident I met was Marco, the kitty.  She was so pretty.

Marco checking out the doggie gear.

I wanted to play but she just gave me a "look".  Marco I Lucy the smoochie poodle.   If you come close I give you kisses!

Next I had to see was the chickens.

They have a coop bigger than my doggie closet!  It was awesome!  Mr Disco the cool Rooster did elude me this time.  But just you wait Disco I will find you next time and I will kiss you!

After the coop tour the men got to cooking.  They cooked fish, hush puppies, deviled eggs and french fries. I made sure to snoopervise to ensure it was done properly.

 I sampled as much as a I could as they were cooking.  All was quite delicious!

Onto the other furry residnets Uncle Bobby has 3 puppers in addition to the chickens and Marco.  There is Bella (shih tzu mix), Coco (Chihuahua) and Cooper (Beagle).  Cooper and I had similar energy levels since we are both young puppers and boy did we have a time playing chase.

After the food was finished.  We retired ourselves under the table.

Gracie and I fell into food comas.

While we slept the hoomans talked about the good old days.

All too soon the day was winding down and it was time to head back to the Lone Star State.  Uncle Bobby and Miss Shelly loaded us up wif foodies to take home.  Thank you!!!  I attempted multiple times to dig into them on the way home but momma caught me each time.  She told me no.  Something about "tummy aches" that I might "explode" if I ate anything else.  So I decided to just nap. Then I tried to convince doggy nanny to help me.  No luck!

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to Bobby, Shelly, and the Boys for having us out for a day of fun!



  1. What a WONDERFUL adventure you had Lucy
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. OMCats, I was worried about your title at furst! Glad it was just a day trip.