Monday, September 19, 2022

Graveyards, Cows and Grasshoppers OH MY!

Mommas been up to her eyeballs in ancestry stuff.  Constatnly looking at different family lines, finding new relatives and so forth.  Shes been putting faces to names shes only heard stories about.  Then she devised a plan. 

Saturday morning we arrived at Doggy Nanny's house at 1045 am.  We patrolled, borked at squirrels and watched for Aunt Net.  

We then took a nice long ride to Riverside Cemetery in Byars. Momma wanted to get a grave picture for her Great Grandmother Susie to memoralize her on   

Once pics were done we got to run and got a drink of water.

Sniffed the air.  Oh the smells!!!!!

Then we drove around. 

The wind gave me some nice troll hair.

Upon exiting I spotted something I had never noticed before.  COWS!!!!!

I borked and borked....

...gave the evil eye...

and growled.  

Meanwhile Gracie was just sitting quietly.

And enjoying the scenery.


We slowly drove back to Wichita Falls.  Went down the old road Mommas great grandmother lived.  We saw this old mill.  Too cool!

Such beautiful country side. 

I spoke too soon.  This little creep hopped on our windshield.  Lets get going momma.



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