Monday, September 19, 2022

She Done Started Organizing Again

 My word the momma just organizes to organize.  I gots the moving ptsd.  It scares me.  But alas there is no stopping a momma when she gets motivated.  

She decided 2 recliners was too much.  So one had to go.  It sold rather quickly.  Then she dumped out all of the doggie supplies.  She kept mumbling that life isnt the same....need to make some hard decisions....things need to go....We tuned her out.  Quite frankly it all sounded boring.  

At last the destrcution was over.  We got a crate back in the kitchen just like old times, momma put all of the unnecessary accessories (fancy clothes, collars, sweaters, and puppy stuff) in the kennel atop the closet, the bottom shelf is for usable doggy items, then organized her clothes by type. As you can see there is lots of room in the house again....more room for zoomies.  So if mommas happy we is happy.  



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