Friday, November 17, 2017

#Catchup - Fall Harvest in Kentucky

 Let me take you back to the soybean fields of Kentucky.  So lush and green!

Bringing me endless hours of romping and riding!

Blue skies for miles!

Adorable fuzzy little bean pods.

All just picturesque!

Well as the temps started falling....

...the crops turned brown.

Then big vehicles showed up in every field near my home.

What is this?

Oh no more vehicles here!

They enter the field and ran right into the crops.

I'm furry concerned!

Now hes just making a mess!

Nothing left but corn cobs....

....and torn up fields.

I better get outta here before he gives me fur cut!

Oh so sad discard corn cobs litter the streets.

It just doesn't look the same anymore!

As we rounded the corner home, I was devastated to find that my soybean field had been harvested too!

This stob is all that left!


To relieve some of my heart ache, I did find some fun with the mean ol equipment and played parkour on the tires.


#Catchup - The blog got left behind during the move, so we are catching you all up on the adventures we had in our last few weeks in KY before telling you all about TX.


  1. Oh don't worry, Lucy, I'm sure that next year it will all be back! I need to visit you then so you can drive me around to look at all the fields.

  2. We don't have too many fields around here but mom told us all about them. Did you get to drive that tractor?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. We have fields just below our house. One year it has potatoes and the next year it will be grain!
    Hazel & Mabel