Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My 1st Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today a tiny red puppy was born.  It was me!  I had no idea what would be ahead of me in my first year of life and surely didn't expect to live in THREE different states but it has been a fun year fur sure!  Now I am officially no longer a puppy!  I am a big girl!

A close up of the spread momma prepared for me!

My first lick of frosting!  YUM Vanilla!!!

After pics momma removed the pesky candle so I could really get a taste!

Then I chowed down!

You know they say sugar makes kids hyper.  Ummm...Yea same for me!

One puppy....erm...doggie pillow fight!

Ready for lift off....

...take that couch!

Once I got my zoomies out of the way I played tug with my new toy!  The tail is so stretchy!

And great for shaking. 

The star is great for chewing!  Thank you momma!!!

Final zoomies! Weeeeeee!  Weeee! 

And last but not least the aftermath of a great birthday pawty! 

Puppy Growls,


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Looks like you had a fun day!
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy! You were such a lady eating your cupcake. I would have devoured it in 2 bites!

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy! You sure had a fun time celebrating.

  4. Happy happy barkday, Lucy!! Here's to many more years of fun!