Friday, August 27, 2021

Another Spa Day Wif Aunt Gracie

 We had so much fun going to the spa in July we decided to do it again this month.  Sorry no before pics or dropping off pics.  Momma was stressed that day trying to finalize some sale items, getting the training equipment out of the old place and other hooman stuffs.  After pick up we did get a couple cute shots.  

Thank you Mr Dan and Miss Cindy!

I feel pretty....Oh so pretty...

and witty and BRIGHT!!!!

BLAST that AC momma....I may have lost a lot of fur but I am still HOT!!!!!!

Back at Doggy Nannys we had a surprise.

Uncle Teddy stopped by!  Group shot!  Poppy was getting scratches from Doggy Nanny and couldn't pull herself away to be in the group shot.



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