Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Lil Bit of This and a Lil Bit of That

The new house is looking and feeling like home. 

 Our stuff is all around.  

We have a Camera Corner.  Complete with its furry own outlet to charge batteries.  Simply fantastic!

Most of our day is spent in the yard running...

...snoopervising and watching for squirrels.

We went to grab lunch one afternoon and this occurred in the car.  No context....momma just looked over and saw this scene.  BOL we like to keep her entertained even when she is driving.

Although there has been a lack of squirrels there have been many birds flying over our yard.  

They are fun to watch.  They just glide through the air. 

When mommas at work there is a lot of commotion outside our kitchen window which is great.  Atmos is replacing all the gas meters in our alley and we get to watch them work.  

We see lots of hoomans each and every day.  Sometimes they even come sit by our window for their breaks.  Our little house provides shade for them during these hot days.  

We will be back blogging regularly now.  Lifes been terribly crazy with the move, work and "momma stuff".  



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