Monday, August 9, 2021

Poppy's Play Yard - Yard Tour

Welcome to the play yard!

We have lots of room to sniff, run and play.

Is that a sisfur I spy trying to sneak up on me. 

Hun, yous bout 17 lb away from hiding in the grass!

Anyhoo back to what I was saying.  Our new play yard is simply perfect.  Lots of room, trees, and grass.

Up by the door we have our glider and a chair/table set.  I foresee many photo shoots here.

For evenings we do have twinkle lights.  

But haven't been out much in late evenings due to the hot weather.

We got an outdoor trash can and did splurge to get the one with the Texas flag on it to match our fence decor.  Its the texan thing to do of course.  

Over at the far end of the fence there is a secret passage way.  Legend has it there are chatty chihuahuas that live in here.  So far nothing has been seen.  Ill just have to keep patrolling.

At night we do get little visitors.  So far we have seen two.  Haven't named them just yet.

We go out so much that when indoors we basically crash!

Night Night friends!



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