Thursday, April 14, 2022

Paradigm Dinner = Doggy Day Care

 Oh boy were we excited when April 7th rolled around and instead of being left home alone momma said we are GOING TO GO TO DAY CARE!!!!  Yipee!  We got to hit the drive thru for a sweet tea for momma.

The Poppy was too stunned to speak!

Since the big boss was out of town we got to sneak in to mommas work for a few minutes.  We checked out her office, and... see all the working men. They were all so furry nice.  Ms Peg took me on my furry own tour around the office. Thank you Ms Peg

Meanwhile Poppy was checking out mommas desk


Momma showed us her new 1930's meter.  This meter is nearly a hundred years old and officially retired.  Mr Jason painted it pawtastic purple to match our paintings on mommas desk.  Thank you every so much Mr Jason.

Of course we took the obligatory selfie.  Peep our paintings in the background.  

Then Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie showed up to escort us to daycare.  We had a blast barking at squirrels, birds and getting doggy nanny scratches.  Meanwhile momma went to this fancy banquet hall to learn about pipelines, digging safety, and other people things.

She got to eat fajita tacos, received lots of little freebies and spent the night talking with her coworkers.  Apparently she had a good time.  We saw no evidence of dogs in the photos she took so really how much fun could she have really had?  

But thats not for us to know about.  We had the best time ever with Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Gracie.  Shoutout to them for picking us up furry early that thrusday morning.  



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